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Riding lessons for all levels

From beginner riders to experienced tournament riders … we offer riding lessons at every riding level. For those who do not own a horse, we offer riding lessons on our school horses in jumping as well as in dressage. We can guarantee the high quality of the school horses at all times, which is essential for continuous learning progress. This is what distinguishes our riding school.

Jumping lessons

We offer jumping lessons at different levels and in different variations. From gymnastics lessons to the jumping course, the rider’s feeling is improved and his technique is constantly refined. Our school horses are all trained up to a 120cm course and are therefore good teachers for jumping enthusiasts. The jumping lessons take place in groups or individual lessons.


Dressage is the cornerstone of successful riding. A harmonious riding can only be achieved with a relaxed seat and fine aids. We attach great importance to the dressage training of our riding students. The dressage lessons take place in groups or individual lessons.

Beginner Lessons

Every good rider has started with a lunge lesson. In these lessons we will teach you how to handle the horse, care for it and prepare for riding. The duration is 60 minutes, of which 30 minutes are ridden. The focus is on sitting training so that the rider can develop a good and safe feeling for the horse’s movement.

Beginner Jumping Lessons

Would you like to start off you discipline in show jumping and try your first little jumps? Then Baholz is the best place for you! We start off with the basics of show jumping and accompany you step by step to your first competition shows to gain more experience in parcours riding. We also support you in doing the show jumping license and keep going forward in the higher jumping classes.

Pony club

Is your child a huge pony fan? We enable your child to come into contact with ponies for the first time at an early age, how to treat them, care for them and so on! Your child will also benefit from riding lessons and rides with us. We offer a varied afternoon with our horses with lots of fun.


Are you ready to compete in your very first showjumping or dressage competition? We will accompany you through the entire process. Every year we offer our students to do the Brevet, which lets you compete in competitions in switzerland. We are very happy to accompany you at competitions and share some great moments with our students!