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Proper dressage and jumping training has top priority for our horses. Only those horses that have had a good dressage training find it easy to be successful in jumping competitions later.

We support horses that come straight from the pasture at a young age with the right horsemanship and get them used to equestrian sport step by step. We are happy to present your horse at the first riding-horse evaluations and accompany you through to the high jumping classes.

Together it is our goal through help with riding and riding lessons to build the perfect relationship between you and your horse so that you can successfully start your sports career. Of course, we also pursue the same goals with our recreational riders!

Our rider and riding instructor Franziska Smolders has all the experience with young horses. She is equestrian trained in dressage as well as jumping. With her patience, calm and gentle relationship with the horses, she always succeeds in riding our young 3 – year olds successfully and continuing to train them from then on. In dressage and jumping, she accompanies our beginners and advanced riders in their riding careers with their own horses or with one of our school horses. As she is multilingual, she can offer courses in German, English and French.

Thanks to our many years of experience in equestrian sport and to Alexandra Grossenbacher, who has over 15 years of tournament experience in show jumping, we are happy to help and want to get the best out of every horse. Alexandra is very successful at national and international tournaments and places up to S level. She introduces our young horses to their first riding-horse evaluations and is happy to present your horse to tournaments up to the higher jumping classes.