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Your entry into equestrian sport

Have you made progress in riding lessons and want to take the next step !? Riding participation (or horse sharing) allows you to develop yourself continuously on the same horse.

We offer riding participation including equestrian courses on our well-trained sport horses. All horses are classified up to and including 115cm, very pleasant to ride and also very good in the field. Jumping lessons and participation in tournaments are also possible.

We are looking for riders who are certified for our horses. You should set aside time for the horse 2-3 times a week. This also includes proper grooming and cleaning of the bridle and saddle.


Riding participation twice a weekCHF 300.-
Riding participation three times a weekCHF 400.-


Race: Italy Signalement: Mare/ Brown/ 2009 Owner: Equestrian Center Baholz Price category: low to medium Strengths: Waykiki is a great mare for show jumping and dressage work. Therefor she is the perfect horse to do the licence. She loves to jump and is always full of energy!She show placements up to 115. She goes …
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Race: Netherlands Signalement: Mare/ Gray/ 2008 Owner: Baholz Pferdesport AG Price Category: low to high Strengts: Dadiola is an uncomplicated mare with a great heart. She´´´ is placed up to 1 meter and is very easyto ride in dressage. She is the perfect horse for ones first horse and someone who just entered the …
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Cracklins Rose

Race: Badenwürtenberger Signalement: Mare/ Dark brown/ 2005 Owner: Equestrian Center Baholz Price cagregory: low Strength: Rose is a very loving mare. It has a character made of gold and is very well suited for the disciplines of dressage and jumping. So she is the ideal license horse. Horse sharing: Rose is well suited for …
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Race: Pony Signalement: Mare/ Gray/ 2013 Owner: Debora Kohl Strength: Onea is our little sugar doll and a very pleasant and great pony. She is perfect for learning to ride and very willing to learn. She is very good off-road and does a good jump. Horse sharing: For younger children, Onea is the …
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Did the participation in riding convince you that riding is your passion and that you want your own horse !? We sell or rent the right four-legged friend for life.