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Let us know your needs! Even if we do not currently have a suitable horse, we will be happy to provide you with appropriate offers. The sales prices of our horses change continuously depending on the level of training and results, sales prices are to be requested by email, the following price categories apply for orientation:
low = bis Fr. 30’000
medium = Fr. 30’000-100’000
high = ab Fr. 100’000

From a purchase price of CHF 20,000, we offer installment payments or leasing.

Cali de Bergeries

… Race: Belgian Warmblood Signalement: Gelding / Fox / 2008 Ancestry: Baloubet du Rouet x Wandango Owner: Equestrian Center Baholz AG Price category: low to medium Selection of results:1. place 140cm CS Müntschemier 21.06.20202. place 140cm CS Aarberg 27.06.20208. place 140cm CS Corcelles 12.07.20202. place 145cm CS Fontainebleau 28.08.20208. place…


Race: Irish Tinker Mix Signalement: Sute/ Schimmel/ 2011 Owner: Markus Christen Price category: low Strengths: Bluebell is a very lovable mare with a big heart. It is well suited for riders who are at the beginning of their riding careers and is therefore the perfect teaching horse. She jumps up…

For Star B

Race: Oldenburger Signalement: Mare/ Dark brown/ 2017 Owner: Equestrian Center Baholz Price category: low to medium Strength: For Star B has only just arrived and is in training with us and is currently being prepared for the next promotion for 5-year-old horses. She has great jumping potential and nice walks.…


Race: Irish Signalement: Mare/ Brown/ 2013 Besitzer: Equestrian Center Baholz Price category: low to medium Strengths: Flexible has great potential in show jumping and is already placed up to 115. Flexible can take a sensitive rider with a fine hand. She jumps very carefully and develops into the winning horse.…